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Your pond and (Koi) fish deserve water of the best quality. Your flora as well as your fauna should be admired at all times and pathogens and algae should be given no chance to exist or to reproduce themselves. With the PURIQ UV-C water purifier you are guaranteed crystal clear water. Utilizing the latest technology, the lamp emits very powerful UV-C light with a wavelength of exactly 253.7 nm that kills practically all bacteria, viruses, algae and moulds. This results in optimal purification! The PURIQ UV-C system, with its 100% eco-friendly operation, provides more natural, healthier water. Moreover, the extended life UV-C lamp lasts an incredible 12.000 hours.

The extra wide SAE 316 stainless steel housing extends the time the water is exposed to the strong UV-C radiation while also minimizing the pressure drop as the water passes through. Thanks to the polished interior, there is virtually no adhesion of contaminants to the walls, which boosts the effectiveness of the UV-C radiation by a further 35%. The intelligent electronics of the PURIQ UV-C water purifier let you know well ahead of time when the lamp has degraded to the point that it will soon no longer produce enough radiation and the time has come to replace it, so you always have a perfectly working device you can rely on!

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